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University of Louisville Horn Studio


The University of Louisville (UofL) Horn Studio consists of dynamic students from various degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate level.  UofL prides itself on creating a goal-oriented environment tailored to meet the needs of our students. UofL is a nationally accredited university and is known for exceptional retention and graduation rates. In the horn studio, students will be given the necessary tools to tackle the working world as a musician, complimented with a wide variety of course offerings and working with exceptional faculty. Get in touch for a prospective lesson or questions about our program.

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Courses (2023-2024)

  • Horn Lessons: Lessons are individual and tailored to meet the students career goals. Open to all majors and degrees. 

  • Weekly Studio Class: How to build a life in the arts, and hone your craft.

  • Weekly Horn Ensemble: Refine your ensemble skills, endurance, and efficiency by exploring what the horn is truly capable of. Students are encouraged to compose and arrange a works, and education majors are given podium time to conduct and rehearse the ensemble.

  • Horn Literature: Take a deep dive into repertoire for the horn from diverse time periods and composers from all walks of life. 

  • Horn Pedagogy: Develop your teaching style by learning to further understand the intricacies of the horn.

  • Special Topics in Horn- Excerpts and Auditions:  With a subject changing yearly, 2023-2024 is focused on graduate and professional preparation for auditions.

  • Chamber Music- Wind and Brass:  Prepare and perform works from various instrumentation, eras, and genres. Regular coaching with faculty are included. 

  • Recitals: This is a degree requirement for performance and education majors. Programs are formed by the student and teacher, showcasing your dedication to your craft. Various genres, eras, and representation are required. Non-degree recitals are encouraged.

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