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Doctoral Work

Delving into multitracking, mixing, and arranging was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on my doctoral studies.  In-person professional development opportunities were eliminated, job searches froze, degree recital, concerts, and more were indefinitely postponed. With the state of the world, I asked myself, “How do I finish my doctorate with minimal resources at my disposal?" 


This project was sculpted more as my minor changed from kinesiology to jazz. Learning a new genre of music (especially online) spurred my decision to grow new skills, and document the process with the permission, and encouragement of my doctoral committee. 


The project encompassed multiple sections:

  • Seventeen multitrack recordings, all performed, mixed, and edited by me. The repertoire consists of original works, commissions, arrangements, and transcriptions from young arrangers. These works spark joy, and are pedagogically relevant from the band, orchestral, and choir canon. These recordings utilize a wide array of different equipment for the horn, and include the use of multiple recording devices, digital audio workstations (DAWs), and video editors.

  • A written document expanding on how recording and producing music has affected my growth as a musician and educator. Advice on mixing and planning workflows accompany this document.

  • The commission, premier, and multitrack recording of  Wayne Lu's Ascent for horn quartet.

  • Three large scale horn choir arrangements that utilize idiomatic and educational horn writing, sculpted from the 17 scores I have studied, recorded, mixed, and published. 

  • The publishing of two of the above works through the Veritas Musica Publishing Company.    


This project is created not only to inspire, but to show that tasks such as arranging, recording, multitracking, and self-critique are not as daunting as they seem. Showcasing the horn’s versatility through these arrangements and recordings is an added benefit. The creation of a concentrated resource for artists to be inspired, learn, and promote their craft through technological means is becoming more essential with each passing day, and this project shines a light on the beginning steps of this process. 

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