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Grey Round Patterns

Teaching Philosophy 

Grey Round Patterns

      As an educator, I love the phrase “questions are the answers.” No single method works for every individual, and to teach students to teach themselves is a vital part of any growth process. This concept solidified during my experience with a multiple year injury cycle and recovery. As a result, I learned first-hand how our bodies mechanisms sync with the instrument when we play, how to overcome obstacles through multiple different schools of pedagogy, and ultimately find a combination of methods that work for my own setup. My approach to every student tailored for their needs, aiming to help them understand the physical and psychological side of horn playing. As students develop their artistry though this process, practice, and ensemble playing, they take one more step toward achieving their goals. 


     I am passionate about working with my students to develop strong technique to convey their personal musical message with poise and confidence. As I worked through my own injury cycle, I quickly realized how important a strong foundation is to feel grounded both on stage and in your own abilities. Outside of fundamental work, I select an individualized curriculum for each student, choosing etudes, excepts, and repertoire that will apply what they’re addressing in a relevant way. Diversity and Inclusion on programs is a must in my studios, including works from underrepresented walks of life. Lastly, all students will receive equal experience in multiple ensembles and in many section roles within them. Positions are rotated equitably, giving each student a wide array of experience in their respected ensemble in each term.  

     Throughout a student’s time with me, I aim to develop creative problem solving, an intense work ethic, and a sense of being in touch with oneself and others. I teach my students’ concepts which will also benefit them outside of music, by discussing how their progress on the horn is a small lesson that we can apply to the outside world. Helping students develop confidence, creativity, team building, and open-mindedness is something I care for deeply.

     I believe in holding myself, students, and colleagues to a high standard and respecting all equally. The art of teaching should be selfless, and devotion to each student regardless of ability is a must, helping each to evolve, and helping all to hone their craft. The study of music is a merely a path to self-understanding and sharing powerful messages with those around us. It is my passion to walk with others down this path.

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