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White Structure


Recent Writing

Cobleigh-Morrison, Devin.  "An Untold Story. Thoughts and Reflections on Accountability and Injury Recovery: A retrospective view on a near-decade of injury cycles, unknown accidents, self-discovery, and rehabilitation," Horn and More vol.8 issue 8 (August 2022).

Cobleigh-Morrison, Devin. "Review of the University of Kentucky Brass Quintet Album, New Music for Brass Quintet,Brass Legacy, Op.4 Mvt 4 (Summer 2022).

Cobleigh-Morrison, Devin. “Multitracking, Arranging, and Website Creation.” DMA Diss. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2022. ProQuest 28970462.

White Structure


Various of my arranged and edited works are published under the Veritas Musica label. In their own words, Veritas Musica's vision is "to make quality music and music supported materials that are worthy of scholarly analysis and attention available to the public that is overlooked by other publishing companies." For more information and to view their full catalog, click here.

My scores are guaranteed to be clean, accurate, and educational. Works for horn choir are both stimulating and challenging, encompassing an equal distribution of challenges in every part, ensuring an engaging ensemble experience. Examples are below.

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