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Tyler Taylor: 
Horn Concerto 2026

Tyler Taylor partners with his alma mater, The University of Louisville, to create a dynamic work for horn and orchestra with assistant professor of horn, Dr.

Devin Cobleigh-Morrison. 

PARTICIPATE Payment Packages encompass the following:  Student buy-in: 25$ - Please provide valid student ID with your payment. Professional buy-in: 50$ Collegiate Studio buy-in: 200$ and up.* Pay what you can buy-in: 20$ and up. Donor buy in: Please discuss your involvement and rates with the composer at Payment deadline is March 1, 2026.

Contact Dr. Cobleigh-Morrison here to get started.

HOW IT WORKS Select your preferred buy-in tier. Dr. Devin Cobleigh-Morrison will then create an email group with the buyer, Dr. Tyler Taylor, and himself. The funds will be sent to Tyler Taylor directly. The buyer will be added on this page as a contributing member. After the 2026 premier, the buyers will receive scores of the work from their buy-in category.  Parties will be added to an excel spredsheet with contact information, so they are sent proper material after the premier.​

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DETAILS: This consortium is led by Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, assistant professor of horn at the University of Louisville. ​ World Premier is to take place April, 2026. Current Instrumentation:  Picc; Fl. 1, 2; Ob.1, 2 (2 dbl Eh); Clarinet 1, 2, 3/Bs; Bsn 1, 2; Tpt, Flugelhorn; Tbn 1, 2, 3/Bs; Tuba, Timp., 2 Perc., Harp, Piano, Vl.1,2; Vla; Cl; Bassi.  Dr. Tyler Taylor receives 100% of the funds for this project. Donors at the student and professional level will receive a piano score of the work with solo horn. Donors at the collegiate level will receive an orchestral score and solo, with exclusive rights for performance until May 1, 2027.

Tyler Taylor, winner of the 2024 San Francisco Emerging Black Composer Project commission award, is a hornist and composer from the Louisville area. In recent years he has held resediences at the I-ParkFoundation and Copland House (2023), and was a full time composer in the Creators Corps residency program at the Louisville Orchestra.  ​​​ He has been commissioned by Jon P. Cherry, the Louisville Orchestra, Washington and Lee State University, the Youth Performing Arts School, the Chicago Composers Orchestra, the Indiana University New Music Ensemble, the Indiana Band Masters Association, the National Orchestral Institute, and more.

"A horn player myself, I am eager to explore the horn’s historic associations with pastoral and nature-based imagery in contemporary contexts. My prior compositions for the horn include solo pieces that challenge preconceived ideas about the horn’s technical capabilities and a first concerto called “Lake Music” inspired by visits to Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and Rochester, NY. 


This concerto will continue these explorations by using the horn’s 18th and 19th century pastoral connotations in a 21st century environment as the center source of drama. As a way to reinterpret the relationship between the soloist and the orchestra, the solo horn will switch between roles as a narrator, protagonist, and participant in the orchestra. The piece will provide an opportunity for the listener to broadly reflect on their relationship with their environment and the natural world around them." 

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